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RE: BBC performance/interview this Friday

> From: Tom Heasley [mailto:tom@tomheasley.com]
> I recently recorded new music and an interview for the BBC in London.
Have a listen on the web, if you like.  The program, 'Mixing It', will air
this Friday

congratulations Tom. Mixing It is my favorite new music program. For all
those with a love for adventurous music, this is a highly recommended radio
show, and the best thing is, they put it online after the show has been
broadcast and you can then listen to it in good quality. Go to
http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/newmusic/index.shtml and click the Mixing It
loudspeaker symbol to listen. The current show (online until this Friday)
contains the exclusive Bjork interview that Rick wrote about - an
interesting listen is guaranteed.