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Re: Phil Keaggy DVD

You'll get a lot out of the DVD, I'm sure. He was obviously tired and a
little nervous with the cameras that night, but you'll still be well

In fact, there's an optional commentary you can play with Phil and his 
guy talking throughout the performance. At one point Phil says "Well, this
is the last time I'll be watching this". Still a stellar performance, even
though he wasn't quite at his best.

It will drop the jaw of many a guitarist when they see this.


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> Just my 2 cents re: PK.... I first became infatuated with the guy about 
> years ago, when he used to play a lot in churches in the Youngstown, Ohio
> area.  Over the years, as my list of favorite musicians has grown into 
> hundreds, Phil has always occupied a very special place on that list.
> a rare, natural musicality.  Looking forward to getting that DVD!  - Tom
> At 08:11 PM 8/20/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> >I read you loud and clear. His Mom always said he was pretty good,
> >For a guy with only nine fingers, he's incredible. The DVD doesn't even
> >him at his best - In fact I would say he is at his worst. Still, you can
> >how incredible he is.
> >Brian