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Re: Native Instruments

I checked out the demo and was underwhelmed.  Pretty
good sound but like someone else said, "sounded like a
plug-in."  For the same money I got the Vox Tonelab SE
and I don't have to drag around a laptop to play.  It
also has an 8 sec looper amoung other things.  I've
got a really nice little mini rig now that consists of
a guitar, Tonelab SE, mixer, Electro-Harmonix EH-16II
and a Boss VF-1.  Fits in a med dufflebag, works like
a charm.  If I'm feeling crazy I can stuff a drum
machine in there too.


--- David Kirkdorffer <vze2ncsr@verizon.net> wrote:

> I just was alerted to this software.  Does anyone
> have any experience with
> it?
> This may be the way to dump my heavy and painful to
> carry road-case.