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Final Bjork post

Hey tim!! thanks... How is Frank..?? Please email his address to me OFF
LIST... I will check out the STOCKHAUSEN.. I love him! But ..wait-- are we
talking about looping.....

And thanks Dave --are ALL the beats electro?? Ya cant tell these 
kid's i'll tell ya! I think in a review it was claimed some were computer.
Either way --- there's a dude I saw open for SQUAREPUSHER -- he was doing
INSANE electronic music ..all with his mouth -- I mean like simulated
PHASING..Stuttering...all kinds of drum + synth tones... Anyone know who
this was ..? "human orchestra" or 'human beatbox'.

>>If you like "otherworldly" vocals, a capella, check out Stockhausen's
"Stimmung."  This'll do it for ya. Not as spine-tingling as the Ligetti
choral stuff on "2001: A Space Odyssey," but a worthwhile listen.