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Re: EDP pedals

At 10:21 AM 9/16/2004, Greg House wrote:
>--- Larry Cooperman <coop@newmillguitar.com> wrote:
> > An RFX MP128 is a low profile MIDI control pedal that I have been using
> > for years now.  www.rolls.com
> >
> > Anyone have experience with the Electrix Repeater?
>Unless you can program it, it's useless for controlling a Repeater, since 
>common functions you need from a foot controller are scattered all over 
>the range
>of PC messages. From looking at the manual, this appears to be a VERY 
>basic midi
>controller, which you can't program. It also costs more then the fully
>programmable FCB1010 (direct from Rolls, cheaper through Zzounds). The 
>fcb1010 is
>a little bit large, but it's comfortable to use for me.

Well, it's not the first time I've banged this drum, but if you're looking 
at controlling *multiple* devices (i.e. EDP and Repeater and/or Echo Pro's 
or whatever...) here's another vote for the Peavey PC-1600x.

While the 1600x is a tabletop fader control, it's easy to set up so that 
can trigger messages from any stock pedalboard via program changes.  That 
means you can hook up a tiny cheez-o MIDI pedal -- I'm using a little 
Digitech MC-7, with a footprint of only 14" x 7" -- and trigger any (and I 
mean *any*, regardless of type or MIDI channel) MIDI message(s) you need 
send.  There are two jacks in the back, so that you can plug in two 
separate footpedals and use them to control any fader or gang of faders.

During load-out, the MC-7, PC-1600x, and two pedals get tossed handily 
a rucksack, backpack or any other small bag.  Super-functional, light, and 

(addendum: this is not to dis the FCB, by any means.  I like the 
but its footpedals can't be set up for different messages on different 
channels from bank to bank.  For instance, I couldn't link the footpedals 
to the filter cutoff on a synth and the pitch on the Repeater on one bank, 
then switch banks and have them control mix level on the Echo Pros and 
volume on a different synth.  All that (and more) is no problem through 
Peavey.  Oh, and the FCB is a bit big for my tastes, although not 
impossibly so.  Still, the Behringer may be the best option for a lot of 
people out there.  To each their own...)


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