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Re: Eivind Aarset

On Sep 28, 2004, at 0:09, Tim Nelson wrote:

> Web searches have gotten me some general info but no
> specifics: do any of you know what gear Eivind Aarset
> uses in his looping rig?

As a matter of fact I just recently started to check out his music 
(after being compared to him by some Norwegian musicians at a recent 
festival I was playing) and I have not had a chance to by the records 
yet, just downloaded some songs from the net. But I don't hear much 
looping in there. A lot interesting use of beat matched delay and 
filtering, though. I'm thinking about calling him up for an interview, 
If I can get the guitar mag here to print it, and then I'll post any 
eventual rig info to the list. Aarsets music is really nice! I can't 
understand that I never got to check him out better after all this 
years hearing him playing with Nils Petter Molvaer. Anyway, here's a 
little gear talk I found on the net:

"Carina: Your guitar-style is unique - how would you describe it 
yourself? How dependent is what you play on the effects and the special 
sound you use? What is the piece of equipment you wouldn't want to work 

  Einvind: My guitar-style - it is like a mixture of rock and improvised 
music ... - Also I am listening to other instruments, not only 
guitarplayers - that can be very helpful, too. I am very into sounds - 
so maybe I am also quite influenced by keyboardplayers. Then, to be 
compared to Miles Davis, maybe "Bitches Brew" is rather strange - also 
very flattering. Although Miles has been a big influence on me I 
wouldnīt dare to compare myself to him. Guitarists that influenced me 
are Terje Rypdal - like most of the other northern guitarists of my 
generation - David Thorn and of course Jimi Hendrix.

The effects and the special sounds are part of my instrument, because I 
am working with some other things I use all the time. When you look at 
me play, it can seem pretty strange, because sometimes I am not really 
playing the guitar - just turning knobs. But I donīt think about it so 
much, I just do it - because I have worked so long with these effects 
that it is sort of intuitive, what I am doing.

  Which piece of equipment I wouldnīt want to be without? - Thatīs the 
WahWah-Pedal, my Volume-Pedal and the Digital Delay, the DD5"

All the best

Per Boysen