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Re: How hardy is your EDP?

I have two (older blond faced variety) and they seem very hardy.
The memory chips have "walked" out of the sockets on occasion
but that's about it. Granted I gig somewhat infrequently but I do
drag them around a fair amount (jams, rehearsals, and infrequent

On Oct 10, 2004, at 9:56 AM, steve.sandberg wrote:

> I'm using my EDP a lot lately, and have been thinking about buying 
> another
> one just to have one hand in case it goes on the blink -
> but I'm reluctant to spend the money -
> Was wondering if people had any feedback about the necessity of this --
> I have to say I've had mine for several years and except for pedal 
> problems
> the unit seems built like a horse -
> then again you never know --
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