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RE: recording medium (for loops only of course)

If I understand your question, you are asking whether you NEED to use
'audio' cd's to record to on your new e-mac.  The answer, essentially,
is NO.

Audio CD's were developed to sooth the sore asses of the recording
industry big wigs, who complained that, by giving consumers the ability
to instantly copy music compact discs on a consumer 'deck', that they
would be losing lots of money.  (Duhhh...let kids loose in the candy
store and then complain they've had too much sugar?  No shit.)

So, to appease the industry folks, and give the consumers the technology
they wanted, 'audio' cd's were developed.  And the consumer decks were
programmed that they would only use the 'audio' cd's.  At the time of
original release, the audio cd's were slightly more expensive, with the
extra dough supposedly going to the industry folks in reparation for
them getting 'ripped off' by the ensuing copying that would then unfold.

Computer CD-R technology was developing right along side this, but no
such restrictions were applied.  So, copying 'data' or 'audio' on a
computer didn't matter, it was just copying 0's and 1's, essentially.
You could use any CD-R on a computer to duplicate information.  Now that
home computers have essentially become the media center of a lot of
homes, rather than the 'stereo' system, the audio cd's have become a bit
of an orphan format, except for those folks who bought into the CD
duplicator decks early on (as I did) and still have them in use.

Now, you can also use those 'audio' CD's in your computer...no
problem...so with your new eMac, if you've got leftover 'audio' CDR's
around, use 'em!

That's about the story from my understanding, whatever that amounts to!


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<< i need to record and i have nothing to record to >>


I'm not sure I understand your question. Can't you just record onto the



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