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RE: John McLaughlin DVD

If anything, you all should by the CD (The Promise) from which the DVD
intro song (No Return) on his website was taken.  There is a song on
this CD, called "Jazz Jungle" that is just unbelievable...in fact, in an
interview, John once said that this song epitomized his conception of
jazz fusion. It's full of all sorts of  juicy chromaticism and John's
wonderful style of playing outside.  

I'd say the price of the DVD is worth it, not just because McLaughlin is
one of my greatest influences, but because most guitar VHS instructional
videos are $40-50 a pop, and they are typically an hour or less with no
notation, DVD format, etc.  

I would be interested in seeing his take on the sections I've asterisked

. The Basic Modes 
. Rhythmic Development of Basic Modes + Introduction of the Major
Pentatonic Scale 
. Modal Fluency Development + Phrasing 
. Introduction of Linear Triads + Scale Tone Chords ***
. Symmetric Scale and Development of Fluency 
. Chromaticism ***
. Harmonic Minor and its Harmonic Development ***
. Melodic Minor and its Modal Development ***
. Advanced Development of Melodic Minor and Introduction of the 2 :5 :1
Movement ***
. Development of odd Time Signatures 
. Combination of odd Time Signatures and Harmonic Development 
. Advanced Harmonic Improvisation with odd and even Time Signatures ***

Krispen Hartung 

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Has anyone had a look at this 3 DVD guitar improvisation teaching set
with the suspicious title "This is the way to do it" by John McLaughlin:


Had he called it "This is my way to do it" it'd have been so much more
credible being the musician he is...