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Re: John McLaughlin DVD

 >In a message dated 11/1/04 1:55:10 AM, jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu 
 >Is his dvd going to show me anything that I can't already find in my 
other videos/dvds/books?

Of course--it'll show you how he, a recognized musical great, 
personally conceptualizes many musical concepts.  I mean, once you get 
the whole "up the neck is higher, down the neck is lower, skinny 
strings are higher in pitch than fat strings at an equal length and 
tension", it's all pretty obvious, right?

 >From: Nemoguitt@aol.com
 >Date: November 1, 2004 7:49:52 PM PST
 >To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
 >Subject: Re: John McLaughlin DVD

 > how much does dear john need to keep food on the table and a roof 
over his head?.....

For John's roof, food and table, the answer is probably "a lot".
However, this DVD is probably not going to be the income stream to 
provide much of that.  Instructional videos aren't really a cash cow, 
and you may have noticed that fusion albums don't sell that well these 

 >john has always been a major player in my little universe but that 
seems to be a big tarriff to lay the mojo on me..

I don't get it--this is a three DVD set, with three and a half hours of 
material, extensive multi-angle camera work, translated into five 
languages.  A tremendous amount of work went into it (my recollection 
is 18 months).  There's oodles of mediocre instructional videos by 
lesser musicians which sell for about $40.  For one DVD, transferred 
from VHS with far lower production values.  There's *three years* worth 
of material in this thing and it's under $200?  If you're actually 
going to work through the lessons, I'm sure it's a stupendous bargain.  
People pay more than that for a single "master class".  How much would 
you pay to have John come over and lay the whole thing out for you in 
your living room in one 3.5 hour presentation?

If you just want to watch the thing a few times to see JM lay out his 
thing, it's a bit pricey.  Otherwise, I'd say it's probably the best 
value in instructional videos, ever.