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misbehaving EDP!

Hello to you all,

I recently bought a used Oberheim EDP with loop III and 2x 1meg and 2x 
256k simms in it.  It worked fine when I got it.  I then put in the 
loop IV chip (thanks, Kim).  It worked fine.  After much searching I 
finally found 4 4meg simms to put in.  I put them in and it 
showminutesed the  full 198 seconds upon start-up.  Now I started 
having intermittent (then more frequent) episodes of full volume nasty 
noise on the output whenever I tried to record.  An amazing noise, 
really...I enjoyed putting it through effects and making Autechre-type 
sounds for a full five minutes or so, but then decided that I wanted a 
lightly more flexible machine...  I assumed that one (or more) of the 
RAM sticks was suspect so I started to swap the sticks to see if I 
could find the culprit.  Now it seems that the machine will not 
recognise ANY of my simms in the front two slots.  I have 2 4megs in 
the rear slots and it SEEMS to be OK (albeit at only 100 seconds).  I'm 
keeping it warm now to see: I have gigs this weekend...you know the 

So.  Are the RAM slots damaged (my problem all along) and my fiddling 
did them in?  Problems with the OS or other components?  Should I try a 
parameter reset?  Or something more radical?  More to the point: has 
anyone experienced similar problems?  I did check the archives, but 
found nothing similar.

If I'm truly up the creek, does anyone know of a place in Canada (S 
Ontario, preferably) that could fix 'er up?

Thanks very much!!!!