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Something is in the air...

Thanks for your e-mail Job.

Stay tuned to the Electrix website for updates - check back in 4 weeks for
news and announcements.

Hi There,

There are some rumours that Electrix was purchased and that there might be 
relaunch of the Repeater. Can anyone confirm any of this news? For years
Repeater-users have waited for a software-update to address some issues of
the machine, not that it's a bad machine, on the contrary: it's great but
would become even greater when some issues were addressed. I think a
Repeater relaunch could mean that this machine will become the Ultimate
Super Looper and blow away the Echoplex DP and others. The EDP has some
features now that are unavailable on the Repeater like multiple layers of
Undo. Hopefully a new Repeater or software update will solve all this and
then.....this machine will be Da Bomb. Waiting eagerly for any news........

All best wishes, Job Verweijen, The Netherlands

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