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Re: Defective blackface gibsons being sold?

L. Angulo wrote:

>Hi Gang,
>There is a guy selling a blackface gibson EDP who
>claims the ones being sold at musicians friend are
>defective leftovers, and i want to know because i just
>bought one!
I'm on my third one from Musician's Friend.  The first one would 
reboot itself , and more than half the time would get stuck scrolling 
"Loop IV"
when powered on.  I've since learned that this may be cured by reseating
the RAM, but I didn't want to mess with it.  The second one had either
been dropped or compressed in some way, there was a severe bend in the
front panel, you could see the circuitry behind the buttons and it 
couldn't be racked.
The other strange thing was that when I opened the box, the contents 
were covered
with a fairly thick layer of light brown dust.   Enough that I had to 
hold the power
cord under running water  to wash it all off.   The EDP itself was 
inside a (dusty)
layer of plastic and seemed cosmetically ok except for the bent 
faceplate.  I never
bothered to power it on.

I've had the third one about a week and it seems to be ok so far.  The 
box had
obviously been opened and resealed.  There was a small amount of dust in 
it, but
nothing like the last one.  The EDP looked ok and had no scratches.  I 
had the
first one about 30 days before it started acting up, so if you've bought 
one, you
might want to leave it on for long periods of time.

If you get one from MF that has a few small scratches on the top surface of
the back right corner, it may be the one I returned.  I'll bet MF just 
tosses returned
items back into the warehouse, or marks them down as "blemished" and 
tries to sell
them again.  Beware.

Note to the manufacturers: the cardboard "ears" that surround the EDP in 
the box
to keep if from moving don't work very well.  In all three of the ones I 
the holes the EDP fits into were too large or stretched out.  The unit 
moved around
a lot when you shook the box, the rack ears could easily hit the side of 
the box.