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Re: Defective blackface gibsons being sold?

 > You can trust them to be reasonably honest within the domain of what's
 > also profitable. The degree of service you may get from them may be
 > somewhat small (but so are their margins on some things). I'd look for
 > the answer to the "Mystery of the Defective EDPs" arriving from there
 > somewhere in the shipping of the units fro m the factory in question.
 > Bad luck (and an unfortunate bad rap) for everyone all around.

Yes, I didn't mean to imply that MF is deliberately selling bad
merchandise. You won't see the bent-faceplate EDP back on the market,
though you may see the other one since it often powers up with no
obvious problem.  I've been ordering from MF for many years and will
continue to do so.  I just seem to have hit a bad batch.