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Re: Jazz Looping Pedalboard v2.0

> Very clean layout. How are the pedals fastened into
> the boards?
> -t-

I used sticky Velcro to fasten the pedals to the wood. The Angstrom pedal 
come with a loop velcro floor. Unfortunately, this floor is almost an inch 
the lip of the metal sides, making it difficult to reach the pedals and 
plug in
cables. Also, a solid floor of black velcro attracts cat hair like a 
magnet. :)

So I cut two pieces of particle board shelving (just like what I used for
version 1.0) to the right size, epoxied some strips of hook velcro to the 
(the adhesive that comes on the sticky velcro seems never to be as strong 
as the
velcro itself), and stuck them in there. Then I epoxied loop velcro pieces 
the board just underneath the pedals. Now the pedals are raised up and 
easy to
step on.

Mark Smart