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Line 6 Echo Park

Hi Per, hi all,

since you asked, here are my opinions on the Tone Core Echo Park pedal. I
sent it back today for a refund because I wasn't to crazy about it, but 
doesn't mean it can't be useful for other folks. I had been looking forward
to it because it has the potential to cover any delay-needs besides actual

In short:

Pros: fine delay sounds (tape, digi), good features, I liked slapback,
reverse and ducking (to an extent). I never use delay time tapping so I
can't comment on that, worked fine tho and can be a plus if you want it.

Cons: very heavey housing (ever thought about how much weight we are
carrying around in stompbox cans only?!?), flimsy pots, slightly confusing
switch (for on/off AND tap) which was so new it didn't work at first, non
true-bypass, some iffy delay models that don't cut it, really eats 
(well, the all do). Main thing: the unit has a modulation control and does
react to manipulations of delay time, but the results just didn't inspire 
- a little too exaggerated and not subtle. In fact, after playing around
with this thing I got real homesick for my long gone Korg Stage Echo tape
delay - now that thing is heavey for a reason! Maybe that'll come back in a
time warp loop?

Greetings, Andreas