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RE: Defective blackface gibsons being sold?

I've had the same problem with Musicians Friend recently.  They sent me 
one that started doing the title screen loop over and over again.  Then I 
returned it and they sent me a footcontroller instead of the echoplex, I'm 
still waiting to get my new one, I made sure to write down the Serial 
Number on the defective one, to let others know on the list which one was 
defective.  I found it interesting that yours was fine for about 30 days, 
this is about what happend to mine.  

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From: L. Angulo [mailto:labalou2000@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2004 5:44 AM
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Subject: Defective blackface gibsons being sold?

Hi Gang,
There is a guy selling a blackface gibson EDP who
claims the ones being sold at musicians friend are
defective leftovers, and i want to know because i just
bought one!
here is what he claims:

Apparently, according to the music store in Boston I
bought it from, There was a problem with the first run
of the black faced ones. The store owner told me to
order one directly from gibson, not a place like
musicians friend, because the factory direct ones were
brand new, not left over from the first production.
That is all I know. I'm selling this unit because I
could use the money more than the looper right now.
Hope this helps and thanks for the email. 

Please let me know!!


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