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RE: EDP manual

Looks just fine to me nothing wrong in the work you have done and just in
case you wondered the commentary about cookie cutter/cookbook was not
directed at you at all just the idea that there is really any such thing
akin to a full EDP method book. Listening to your very nice recordings I 
tell that you too have an investment of time and effort involving learning
to use the EDP. I think it is helpful if one has some solid musical ideas
outside of and beyond music made purely by the usage of a looping tool and 
suspect most here (if not all) have that quality. This attribute in itself
may limit who actually ever gets involved in looping with any degree of
accomplishment. Someday cookie cutter players/performers may very well be
imitating some or all portions of what is currently being done at the 
with looping devices. Learning by imitation is a useful and helpful tool
but, the device requires a mindset that removes one from just imitating
others interpreting might work but copying/replicating others won't serve
all that well. Next time I will to remember to point out you site as it
points to addional resources that are availble or if I think of something
new I will add it to your site.

Later on :)
Al Kroeger

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Sorry, if I state more precisely:
The idea of this cookbook actually is not "Bernhard being the individual 
creates ..."