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Re: a small sampler?


In a message dated 11/09/04 8:23:56, Aptrev@aol.com writes:

I think the Boss SP303 is the smallest box I've seen. Has 44.1k sound and
expandable memory but does not play vst instruments as far as I know.
I've never used one but from people I've talked to who have used it there is
a 50-50 split between those who like it and those that don't. I suppose it
depends on what the users needs are.

If what you want to play is "organ" tones the SP303 is
NOT for you. I own
one and love it (mostly). But it isn't that sort of sampler. It's more "groove"
oriented. Think of a drum machine that you can load your own sounds in
(and canned loops too, mind you) and you've got the pictuure. There is
none of the usual Attack/Sustain/Decay control for samples on this unit at all.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn


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