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RE: Echoplex is Broke

Would one have Legal recourse in such a situation, i.e. Musicians Fiend 
knowingly selling a defective product, or at least reselling a defective 
returned product?

Seems like they should take some heat off this, as I would bet it isn't 
first time this sort of thing happened.

>Yep...that is the same one that I sent back.  I can't believe they didn't 
>even try to fix it, before they sold it again.  How much did you pay for 
>it? I hope it was less than $800.  I would definitely send it back.  I 
>not had a problem with Musician's Friend before, but this transaction has 
>been a nightmare.  If they do eventually send me one that works, I may 
>that "blem" footcontroler.
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>Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 3:37 PM
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> > Thx for the reply, this really sux.  My serial number is: EDP 03 03 
> > Same one?  If so, I'm pissed.  I've heard bad things about musicians
> > friend (i.e. recieving broken shit) and go figure, this is what happens
> > the  first time I order from them.
> >
> > Billy
>I seem to have the opposite experience with Musician's Friend...they send 
>free stuff!
>In 2002 I ordered a Boss RC-20 Loop Station. I didn't get the usual
>confirmation email so I wrote them another note asking if something was 
>No answer. A few days later an RC-20 shows up at work. Then the next day 
>one shows up at my home address. They only billed me for one. I was even
>scrupulously honest and wrote them a note asking if they wanted one of 
>back. No answer. Ok, guess it's mine! I was gonna sell it before I 
>putting drum loops in one and looping with the other...
>A few months ago I saw a blem Echoplex on their site, no mention was made 
>the footpedal in the listing. So I ordered it along with a new non-blem 
>The order arrived..one box containing a black Echoplex (almost perfect 
>and an off-white footpedal with some scratches on it, a second box 
>containing a
>new black footpedal. They only charged me for one Echoplex and one pedal.
>As a result I have this extra off-white Gibson-logo footpedal with a few 
>sitting around that I don't need. Anybody need one?
>Dunno how they can run a business like that, but I'm happy to keep the 
>Mark Smart

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