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Re: Looping horse

Title: Re: Looping horse
In fact, this very discussion meets the criteria for looping, with an initial input recorded and turned into a repeating foundation that gets added to and manipulated in real time.

I’m going through a week’s worth of unread posts— probably someone else has already made a similar comment to mine. (more loops)




on 11/2/04 5:18 AM, Tim Nelson at psychle62@yahoo.com wrote:

A visit to the LD mailing list archives will yield
poly-multi-lotsa-numerous threads about just those
things, as well as quite a few where we have wrangled
about defining what looping is.

History repeats itself.


--- samba * <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:

>    Perhaps most of this list is more intersted in
> talking about gear than
> abstract overviews ,cultural reifications and
> reframings.

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