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help Im being thrown out

Hi all

this is a plea for someone to help m stay in this group!!!

I have been subscribed to this lilst through this hotmail address for some 
time now (2-3 years) and so far I have never had a problem with it,

however ironically, since hotmail has increased the size of my inbox to a 
massive 250mb I get chucked off this list daily and have to resubscribe, 
when I do I seem to get a few hours uninterupted emails before I get 
off again for apparantly having a non deliverable address.

This has happened once before because my inbox was full, but at the moment 
am using less then one percent of my total space. HELP!!!!

I have no real knowlage of how to fix this problem , could someone let me 
know what to do in plain english!! you may wish to reply off list because 
the chances are hotmail will trigger me to be thrown off once again today,