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FS: Synths/Effects:EH Bass Synth, Digitech 3.6, VFX, Boss stomps,etc.

Lots of Stuff for sale:

1. Ensoniq VFX Synthesizer in great shape. - $150
Cool late 80s transwave synth with decent organs and pads/weird stuff as
well. Good for live use. . This has Ensoniq's  famous  velocity
sensitive polyphonic aftertouch making it a great controller keyboard.
Original manual included.

2. EH Vintage Bass Synthesizer Pedal  - $185
ORIGINAL (not reissue) EH Bass Synthesizer pedal. some scratches and one
tip broken off slider but fully functional. This has hardwired cord (no
wall wart). Sliders work but are a liuttle stiff sometimes. Might need
cleaning depending on your feel. GREAT sounding pedal.

3. Digitech RDS3600 rack mount  "time machine". - $55
This is the dark blue one with black flat square buttons and trigger
button. (kind of mid series right before the whiteface ones). 3.6
secounds max plus the usual width, feedback etc. The lower settings
(chorus for example) don't seem to have any wet signal so something is
wonky. The delay setting was ok when I tried it a few weeks  ago but
again this would be an As Is puppy. This unit also has the VC  input to
sweep the pedal with LFO, pedal, or some other external control.

4. Two channel Biamp Rack mount EQ. -$45
It's two space with  1/4" connectors on back and 10 band sliders (each
side for 20 total). One  missing slider cap. 1/4" in/outs and VERY
aggressive EQ so perfect for processing. You can run each channel  (L/R)
separate and each have their own on/off switch.

5. DOD FX25 envelope filter. - $20
This is the two knob vintage made in US  Green "hulk" color version not
the current three knob light blue. Ugly and  the stomp switch doesn't
turn it off anymore. No battery door (I  put sharp lookin' black duct
tape on it :)). However it actually works ok  it's just always on once
you plug in a cable. It's as is too but does nice  things to my TR606
drum machine at the moment.

6.  Boss DD2 Digital delay in fine working shape. - $45.
Made in  Japan. This is the one where you step on it to "loop" and if
you lift  up it will stop (ie: non-latching). Cool for live weirdness if
you're into  the interactive thing From the late 80s or inside the 90s
I'd guess. http://www.helpwantedproductions.com/ebay/bossdd2.jpg

7. Also A Boss PH-2 Super phaser. - $40
Works fine. I *think* this is Japan as well  (got it at the same time as
the DD2). Great sounding box and Resonance is  very swirly.)

8. Roland TR626 drum machine in good shape with original manual. - $50.
The cool things about that box is it spits out midi notes so a lot of
geeks use it as a sequencer for other midi instruments.

I accept paypal or USPS MO. Buyer pays actual shipping costs and paypal
fees, I pack well for free.  Prices are VERY fair but if you want
multiple items or have a serious offer let me know.


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