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RE: Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

Thanks for sharing.  You just urged me to buy both of Fripp's live
Soundscapes CDs. Perhaps vol. 3 will be with the EDPs....yet another big
name sponsor.


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     Just saw Robert Fripp doing his solo soundscapes these past two
nights.  At the end of the second night, he left his loopers (four
TC2290's) running for about half an hour while people slowly left the
building.  As the loops went on, more and more clicking noises became
apparent.  I asked John Sinks (his tech) about it and he replied that
this is a known bug that has never been addressed.  The TC2290's are no
longer being supported as the technology has become too ancient. 
According to John, Robert will be switching to EDP's sometime in the
future.  Does this mean replacing his four 2290's with four EDP's?  I
didn't get that clarified though it sounded like it.  Also, he'll be
replacing his Eventides with the latest Eventide H8000.  This will allow
8 channel panning (plus a few other things...).

     Robert played to supportive audiences of about 35-40 people each
night.  What a joy to see him at ease and not hiding in a darkly lit
corner of the stage or running away from hungry autograph seekers.  He
warmly welcomed people before the show started and was available for
conversation afterwards.  I've been following his work for a number of
decades and this was by far the most ideal performance situation I've
yet to see him in.



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