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[gig announce] Atomic Mobius Machine Live on the Internet, November 20th, 2004

Fellow Loopers and Loopies,

 Atomic Mobius Machine is playing live on the Internet on Saturday, 
20th. We'll be playing from 8pm-12am/PST on AwesomeRadio.net. (We usually 
until 2am, for a whopping 6 hours of musical meanderings.)

 Atomic Mobius Machine is best classified as Electronic Ambient Trance 
(we've started calling it 'ambient loopadelic'), and features Dan Moore, 
Artese, and myself, on various musical instruments, electronics, and

 Please tune into AwesomeRadio.net, at http://www.awesomeradio.net, 
November 20th, at 8pm/pst for some really trippy music. Technically 
it's a shoutcast stream (ie. mp3 format) and can easily be listened to with
WinAmp (www.winamp.com) or Windows MediaPlayer under Windows, iTunes will 
for you on the Mac, and XMMS (http://www.xmms.org/) under Linux... 

 AwesomeRadio serves 3 streams, with increasing quality/bandwidth 
Here are the addresses to use:

broadband     http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8000
24/22 mono    http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8006
16/16 mono    http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8004

 Atomic Mobius Machine broadcasts a nice sounding stereo feed on the 
stream, but, if your internet connection can't handle that, please use one 
the other addresses.

 Feel free to visit our website: http://www.atomomach.com. We've uploaded 
more recordings recently. And a new logo! lol...

 AwesomeRadio also has an IRC chat room, for those so inclined. You can 
use a
Java client (linked from the website), or an OS native client, such as 
mIRC for
Windows. The IRC network is irc.SoundNWaves.net, and the channel is
#awesomeradio. Of course, while we are playing we won't be chatting much, 
there will be other listeners in there, so...

 I hope you can tune in for some of the show... :)


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