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Re: Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

> Yeah Fripp seriously objects to still camera flash bulbs at his gigs,and
> notices every single one. I suspect videao would be hard to sneak-he'd
> notice the camera.

yeah thats true.
howsome ever i hold in my greesee paws a video:
San Diego,Ca.
and its la fripp in all his soundscape glory shot from the table *right in
front of him!*-man he gets those swirls just a swirlin around the stereo
speakers real good!
its funny-the guy who videoed this has a shot of the warning on the door:
"NO CAMERAS-NO VIDEOTAPING-NO AUDIO TAPING" at the beginning of this show.
also when robert 1st comes out-he sits on his stool and starts stepping on
buttons for along time and...nothing. finally a coupla techs come out and
trace all his lines on the floor and he finally gets some sound.
its nice to see a big league player go thru all the travails us regular
looper peeps go thru-but...he didnt sweat :-)