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Re: newbie question on real-time computer looping

On Nov 17, 2004, at 6:14, Jared McQueen wrote:

> I just tried out Lexicon PSP42.. it looks pretty cool but I have no 
> idea how
> it works.  I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to use 
> to
> achieve the looping I'm trying to do.
> -jared

I think there is a PDF downloadable for free at the PSP web site. So 
far you have described what you want to do as "to loop in real-time, 
using an external input like a MIDI controller". So I guess one 
important step for you is to address the parameters of the PSP42 by 
external midi. Now, there are certain midi controllers for external 
control given by the manual, but I never got these parameters to move 
when I tried sending the given midi controller msgs into the plug-in. 
Instead I turned to host applications that will let you assign a midi 
controller to plug-in parameters. Ableton Live is the easiest one, you 
simply activate "midi learn mode", click on the graphical 
representation of the parameter and move your physical controller to 
send a midi msg into Live - done! Also Numerology will also give you 
access to all parameters of the plug-ins, by defining the midi cc 
assignments in certain "control modules".

Now, exactly which parameters in the PSP42 you need to control is all 
depending on how you want to loop. There are a bunch of features that 
come in handy: Freeze Loop, Half Speed (also doubling the loop length), 
Feedback (better assign it to an expression pedal, knob or fader),  
Length (also affecting pitch). I'm just picking from my memory here so 
those functions may be named a bit differently by the manual.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)