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show: Phasmatodea, Raleigh NC, Thursday night

I and fellow Loop-D listmember Adrian Likins are playing at this month's 
919noisenight event, as our dual Chapman Stick (& theremin) 
looping [1] instrumental improvisational soundscapes group Phasmatodea 
this Thursday, 18 November, at Bickett Gallery in Raleigh NC. We'll be 
the first set at 9:30pm. Cover should be $4-$5 for the performances that 
evening, I believe. Thanks for your time.

[1] Our usual complement of looping gear includes an Akai Headrush 
(version 1), Boss RC-20 LoopStation, and 2 E-H 16sec delay (reissues). 
Sometimes a Z-Vex Lo-Fi Loop Junky. Rarely an Electrix Repeater.

Phasmatodea        http://www.phasmatodea.net/
Bickett Gallery    http://www.bickettgallery.com/08contact.html
(map, directions)
919noise           http://www.919noise.org/

Steve and Adrian  -  Phasmatodea  -  http://www.phasmatodea.net/