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Lexicon PCM-42 for sale...

...this is the legendary Bob Sellon-modded unit (almost 20 seconds of
memory)with even more bells and whistles (some sampling features I never
used). Cosmetically it's a little dinged up (I bought it used all those
years ago) but it's only travelled a tiny bit (perhaps fifteen gigs) in a
two-rack road case which I will sell with it. Otherwise it's been used and
stored in a non-smoking environment. And I have a good (but not quite
arena-level) set of pedals to control the various cool things it can do
(infinite hold, backwards play, etc. I don't want to do a bidding war, I
just want to get some different gear, so I'm setting the price at $1,200
including shipping in the US. Tack on another $50 for international
shipping. Email me privately at "coyotelk at optonline dot net" and I'll
happily explain/describe more. First come, first served.