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AW: Echoplex v. Electrix

Hey Bill,

the short answer is: get both. The slightly longer answer: it depends on
what you want to do. The long answer can be found in the ld archives...

The Repeater can store lots of individual loops. Enough. I don't know
how many; it's something like 128 or 999 both in internal memory (not
that this would make sense) and on CF card. Each loop can have up to
four tracks. The Repeater works with Type1 CFCs with up to 512MB of

The Repeater syncs well to MIDI but has a very unstable clock itself.
Some devices react allergically to ist MIDI clock glitches when synced
to the Repeater. No problem if you use the Repeater as a slave or use it
to sync uncritical devices exclusively.


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Betreff: Echoplex v. Electrix

Now that the Repeater Electrix is back, which should I buy.  What does
the electrix cost?  How many loops can u get w/ the repeater? (you can
get 9 individual seperate loops w/ echoplex...I thought the repeater
just had 4).  I'm aware of unlimited overdubbing w/ both products.  Does
Electrix have MIDI Sync and/or is that beat match thing it has
unparalleled by any other looper (sounds like a redsound product).