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Re: Electrix is Back

At 12:09 PM -0800 11/18/04, Richard Zvonar wrote:

>Their Web site is functional and has a downloadable OS 1.1 update. 
>They answer e-mail queries.
>I get the impression that although they are definitely back in 
>operation technically they are still getting organized on the sales 
>and marketing end.

I spoke too soon about Electrix being back in technical operation -- 
the evidence isn't there. The OS 1.1 update available for download on 
their Web site is the same one they were offering in October 2001. At 
that time they were supposedly working on a new release 1.2 
(according to my records I was asked to beta test this version but I 
don't find any follow-up).

As I said, best to wait and see.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202