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RE: some thoughts on Ted's queeries about art and self esteem and, oh yeah, looping

The apparent contradiction implied there is consistent
with something I've observed in myself and in many
people a lot more creative than I am (musicians,
looping or non-looping, visual artists, writers,
etc.), which is a low self-image/poor self-esteem
coupled with a robust ego, sort of like a
non-homogenous confidence. Maybe we could call it

It's the 'artistic temperament' thing. "I know my
ideas are brilliant, but I'm probably wrong about


--- the toy room <thetoyroom@comcast.net> wrote:

> >>I do really find you guys, in all of your
> splendiferous multiplicity 
> and imagination really kind of restrictive but less
> restrictive than a 
> mass of republican metal heads.
> My wife tells me I have a special gift of being able
> to compliment and
> insult people at the same time.  But Larry's got me
> beat, for sure.
> rich

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