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thanks for the affirmation Re: reply to Larry Cooperman about histhoughts about low self esteem

Larry, thanks so much for the kind words. As for major vs. minor chords, I 
just pick whatever fits the melody that I hear in my head, whether it's 
basic first-position "cowboy chords" or some effed-up mutation chord I 
stumbled across and made my own. (I luv it when that happens! God lives in 
chords!) I use open strings whenever possible, and I like tight intervals 
on the wound strings to add some "growl." 

Wound strings move me... I luv the overtones, especially when ya shake the 
note a bit to help them bloom. I figger if it sounds cool on an unplugged 
electric, it'll really do the job when I plug in. 

Yours in My Bloody Valentine,