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Re: Low Self Esteem and Looping


Seems like I may have touched a nerve or something. So very
many different perspectives on the same matter -- all expressed
so cogently (well, for the most part anyway). I hardly know where
to begin to sort through it all. Is this a great group or what?
Group hug! Group hug everyone! Heheheh. I feel so validated! LOL

More seriously -- it seems like this is an issue a lot of us struggle
with -- or certainly have an opinion about (obviously formed from
experience in SOME way or another). To my thinking, how could
it be otherwise? I really appreciate all of the posts though. It's
been kinda refreshing to read that people are really (at the crux
of the biscuit) experiencing (and dealing) with a lot of the same
"issues" down deep where they "live."

To me (when thinking, communicating, listening to others about
such matters) this is the place where I am most being HUMAN.
Lest any of you think that I am constantly consumed with gloom,
doom and an unmanly self-pity. I am not -- or at least I don't
think so. Heheh. Maybe I'm just a little more forthright, perhaps,
than the average bear about what's on the inside -- not just
the surface. At least that's what I tell myself. :-)

Many of you have bravely "parted the veil" a little to reveal a little
of yourselves and that is good thing. It's certainly good for the
community (I think). Communication is good. It's one of the
reasons why I cherish the times I've spent at loopfests (Rick's
in particular). It's the deeper friendships that have come out
of them. It's not all ego-stroking and stuff-strutting. Heheh.

You know, one of you posted (in jest) an idea I have thought about
from time to time -- the idea of a looping "retreat." Not one that
was filled with mind-numbing psychobabble necessarily. But, it
WOULD be an organized place/space to meet for a period of time
and share ideas, techniques, technologies, philosophies, and most
of all MUSIC -- away from the glare, expectation and stress of a
"normal" performance situation (even one so forgiving as Y2K4).
In other words it might look like a loopfest out in the "woods"
somewhere -- but without the expectation of drawing an audience
from the outside.

Heheh. Even I laugh. But is the idea really so ridiculous as all of that?
Maybe "courses" could be organized on some level. I'd pay good money
for an advanced tutorial on EDP turntablism from Andre LaFosse,
or rhythmic instruction from a Rick Walker, or an introduction to
real-time laptop processing and software looping from whomever
(somebody conversant and broadly knowledgeable). Kim Flint could
help many us get a better grasp of the vast capabilities of the EDP
I'm sure.
Richard Zvonar, PhD could offer a course on loop "history"
and the inner workings of those Eventide super-processors he uses.

Maybe it's an idea that would never work. But it's still something
to think about. What would the cost/benefit be? Would anybody
actually come?

I live in southern Oregon. There are woods all around the area.
For some reason the idea springs to mind every time I drive by
the highway sign for the "Oregon Vortex." Heheheheheheheheh.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn


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