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Re: Artists as outsiders


It's all Roman/Greek good/evil and art being a part of nature and 
therefore evil?  I mean why the artist is an outsider.  Artists tend to 
think outside the dualism of western civ.

Christians have Jesus all wrong here in western civ.  I mean I don't 
really know what he said but I know the imprint of toga wearing 
semi-materialists that were doing political things while intrenching 
the church.  I've also heard some Aramaic to English translations of 
Jesus and it is strikingly different.  They say Aramaic is more like a 
spoken language like Hip-Hop, hard to write down and translate.  Do-ah

It seems natural that an artist would be an outsider in western civ. 
but they worship artists because all they can do is turn knobs and 

So the NEA may go in a Bush theocracy.  Gods bless the blue states.  
Our new band.
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar