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reply to Larry

larry said,
"Rick, I'm surprised at you!  You need lessons from the master of stupid
aesthetic banter.  Damn if I don't think it's all a joke.  All you guys
are too serious.  Please Brother no serious stuff.  No bucking up
except to go for a recount and the New world order.  We are all clowns
and not the Steven King kind.
Yours in psychology and face paint,"
Cool, fool,  I'm deseriousing as we speak.
and, hey,  I love your concept of 'slow self esteem'.
and, while we are at it.............................more music less talk at your next looping performance.
what you played was really interesting and, frankly, and selfishly, I wanted to hear more (although it
was quite amusing that you were ragging on the EDP manual as it's author played along with the charade.)
be well, oh person who cares not what others think.    have a great day and remember to have compassion for us over sensitive types................LOL
yours, Rick