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Re: Echoplex v. Electrix


Actually the auction indicates that it includes the footpedal.

Yeah, it'd be nice to get a new one for $725 plus shipping, but that's not 
even an option in America.    And by "motivated" I did mean buying it, 
having it sent to a compatriot in the US or Canada, having them verify it 
works, installing the updated software and then getting someone to hand 
carry it over to Europe in the next few months and skipping the VAT.  But 
yes, I understand that's more effort than usually goes into buying a 
relatively recent piece of gear.  But, if you really need the thing, then 
hurdles are to be overcome.  I've bought several of the things over the 
years as safety insurance against anticipated "end of production" 
scenarios.  The medium range (and up) of the looping world is not for the 
faint of checkbook, nor weak of back when it comes to loading in and out 
of the gig.  C'est la vie.

There's really no "should" involved in the ease of availability though.  
Living somewhere as wonderful in many other ways as Denmark (I'm being 
serious here) has a few drawbacks.  Hell--whenever I visit the UK I can't 
believe that anyone can afford to be a musician there since everything 
costs so much...compared to the US.  


Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 20:30:02 +0100
From: Ian Petersen <iep@mail.dk>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Echoplex v. Electrix


> unless you mean "new in box"

Yes, I do mean "new in box". Call me a cissy, but if I'm going to spend 
that kind of money on a piece of kit (especially electronics designed 
ten years ago) I want a box and 2 years service guarantee. 

> There's rarely more than a few days when one isn't on eBay

The example you give is typical: Firstly if you look closely it says 
'Ships to: United States, Canada'. That ain't Europe last time I 
looked. Even if I could convince the seller to send it to Europe I 
still have to pay shipping plus toll duty plus 25% VAT (purchase tax). 
That's well over $1000 for a second hand beige-face EDP of unknown 
heritage with loop-3 software, no footpedal and no guarantee that it 
even will work for more than a week. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm 
motivated, but not that motivated!

And after all, why should I have to go through all this? The EDP is NOT 
officially discontinued or out of production. I should be able to walk 
into any Gibson dealer in the world and buy one off the shelf, or at 
least order one and have it within a week!


  Ian Petersen