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re: some thoughts on Ted's queeries about art and self esteem and, oh yeah, looping

> I'd say the self-esteem thing (high or low) is a
> self-image, a bunch of
> deeply seated ideas about ourselves. This society is
> built on comparing and
> competition. We suck that up with our mother's milk,
> and depending on how we
> were configured in the beginning, and conditioned
> during our early years, we
> end up with a self image that we are either better
> or worse than others.
> Just like the other parts of our self-image, it is
> continuously held up by
> habitual - and usually unnoticed and therefore
> unconscious - ways of
> thinking. Comparing and judging, mostly. Either I'm
> not so good and they are
> better, or they aren't so good and I'm better. Or,
> what do they expect and
> can I meet their expectations to that they love and
> admire me.

Michael this is very true...also if we didnīt have
mirrors we would probably all think we are perfectly
fit and pretty;-)


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