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RE: some thoughts on Ted's queeries about art and self esteem and, oh yeah, looping

No, I was just joking about that, because Philip Glass
actually DID at one point have a day job delivering
large heavy household appliances, as Travis (I think)
pointed out, several years AFTER composing 'Einstein
on the Beach'. I have no idea what the context of his
statement actually was, and most likely he was
referring to strength of expression or artistic voice
rather than strength of biceps (or needing to shower
before the gig after spending the day delivering
refrigerators and microwave ovens, custom kitchen


--- "L. Angulo" <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Yes,this is an interesting point,but i donīt think
> suffer any different than europeans,the british
> invation was composed of a lot of bands which came
> from proletarian areas...

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