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Mirrors and finding flaws in performance

Two points:
Looping IS mirroring--innit?
Also, I am working this weekend (in Del Mar, California, at the famous
fairgrounds and racetrack "where the turf meets the surf") with an ensemble
I am EXTREMELY well rehearsed with.  A member of the relief band (half on,
half off) was listening to us and remarked how good we sounded, commenting,
"I don't think you guys know how good you sound."  My immediate response
was, "That's not our job."
When you are "in the zone", the mission is to analyze for improvement.
Building a loop can be part of that.
Looping allows for a degree of separation between being a listener and a
performer, and that "zone" is a different one than live ensemble work of 
non-tech variety.  But the mirroring is there--for better or worse--the
audition that creates the feedback between intention and creation.
I wish people were nicer to each other.  But they aren't, for the most 
They also are generally less than honest.  I embrace my fellow loopers and
their instrinsic honesty.