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a way with mirrors

  "effort to be a bit
more gracious in accepting the kudos, while still
being self-aware of the areas in which I needed

Gracious is the phrase I use also. Sometimes it's easy to be too involved 
technical details to get really tell how something is coming across. I 
developed the habit of never listening to the recording of a show till 
I've lost the feeling it generated.Sometimes one that felt great sounds 
shit,and I don't like the deflation of finding that out while I'm still 
.Sometimes one that was really a struggle or had "importatnt mistakes ,has 
some quality that makes the mistakes irrelevent. There's much complex 
subjectivity ,and I must say I do at times think an audience is 
being gracious seems to me the best response.
   I can't do it with looping yet ,haven't begun to master the gear ,but 
with other sorts of performance. I like to not have to think about what 
going to play or how,but instead put my attention on what it feels like in 
the space what I hear,what I feel resonating in the room,and put that 
through. A trick I've found really useful is to give pieces a definate 
ending -no drawn out crescendos ,noodlings ,or everyone trying to have the 
last word , period end of sentence . Then instead of fiddling with gear 
havinga drink, noodling over the next song,everyone puts full attention on 
listening to the audience resoponse,recieving whatever energy is there,and 
putting that into the next song.A feedback loop.