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RE: AdrenaLinn and EDP users query

>Back to gear, boys . . .
Yeah good idea 

Glad you like it I enjoyed it (when I still had one) and in the future I
will get another but, for now I don't have it anymore :(

I did some synching test in & out pretty interesting I liked some of the
intersting stutter effect you could get when the Adrenalinn was the slave
and your loop was short. I didn't get around to pattern editing but, I 
some simplifying of some of the patterns and stuttering loops could
definitely generate some interesting music (I wish I still had it to try
that one out)
I tried it unsynched and it got a little weird they (EDP & Adrennalin)
definitely phase out of synch though with the right musical 
it could be interesting.

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Subject: AdrenaLinn and EDP users query

Back to gear, boys . . .
I have enjoyed exploring the AdrenaLinn to use as percussion source for
looping--how many here use the EDP as well?  And of those, how many use the
AdrenaLinn as master clock and how many slave it to the EDP?  And of 
any brave/silly folks using them unsynched (maybe printing the Linn to the
Where is Warren Sirota's new software looper?
And here's one for the looping crowd to raise their self esteem--record
yourself praising yourself and fall asleep to it--couldn't hurt . . .