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Invasion of the body synapses

British invasion,and classic rock bands,were all playing American music 
styles.I'm not saying American is superior,I mostly play African music 
myself.But Rock and Roll ,Rock Blues blues rock,is what those Brit bands 
played.They were very disciplined  and creative,and eventually innovative 
those styles They played really well( though supposedly on the Beatles 1st 
US tour the Young Rascals were the opening act,but got fired right away 
because the were so much hotter they were upstaging the Beatles and 
Wolf said,after his London Sessions,those kids were great people and they 
sure do love the Blues too bad they can't play'em that well or words to 
effect),but they are American styles. The proletarian element w/ no upward 
mobliity( something middle class white americnas don;t understand) and 
war poverty probablymade it easy for them to relate to the music of 
blacks and poor white southerners. Yes there are celtic/anglo saxon,mostly 
celtic, roots to white southern music,which combined with black African 
roots,church based harmony ideas and many generatons of really harsh 
experience combined into rock and roll.
  anyway even Punk was inspired by what was going on in N.Y. the Ramones 
   I have to say that I think physical strength is a musical element.We 
music w/ the whole body ,and the emotions that music works with are 
in the body