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> Per Boysen said

Alas, if only life itself could be commited to 2-track...
But isnt that the point!!, Life IS recorded on 2 track, and so for us loopers that predominately record on 2 track (we do dont we,? I know I do, bit of an edit here and there, Normalise, burn to a CDR and sell...) and therefore looping does reflect life much more accurately that other forms of music, that is written, practiced, recorded in parts, overdubbed, mixed packaged marketed and sold... is that this approach is often what we told is the correct approach for life? To have a goal, to avoid mistakes, to design your self, market yourself, and ultimately not know who your real self really is?
Looping for me IS like the way it should be... Expose your self, accept your mistakes (bum notes) and work with them till they "become something" untill the next bum notte comes along...
... got somewhat deep just then, it must be the 3 feet of snow out side that arrived last night, and thefact that Im home from work with a terible flu... feeling strange... sorry about that...

mark francombe
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