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Re: artists as outsiders

They are part of society it is just that society is not part of itself?

What is a collective society, just in the place called the United 
States?  I scratch my head.  I think in times gone by there may have 
been something of a societal collection, here and there, groups of 
appreciators of this or that art but damn if I can see a collection 

Artists are a society unto themselves and nose pickers and Jazz 
Republicans to slash and burn family values society will never be part 
of civilization at its best.  Who will remember the woman that 
exclusively paints angels with big eyes, wings and stuff in 20 years?

Like I said earlier artists are herd animals in the field going "moooo 
I'm an artiste mooo."  Back at the ranch Bubba is flossing the Tri Tip 
out of his teeth and voting for slash and burn family values types that 
will cut the hell out of the NEA.

What society are we talking about?  It is clear that there is no 
constant  and society is a collection of factions.
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar