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RE: Loops curative/restful powers

I think an interesting, and experimental loop music/dance production
would be play a loop, have a modern dancer come out and dance in sync to
the part and continue to loop that dance part...then you layer another
loop part, and another dancer comes out to dance in sync to that as
well...and so on until a soundscape of loops is created with several
dancers doing their "dance loops"...a union of musical and modern dance
looped choreography.


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On Nov 23, 2004, at 4:48, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> Speaking of which, has anyone had the priveledge to perform loop music

> for a film or theater production? I would really like to do this.

No. I've only done it for film and theatre as a way to produce a 
recorded soundtrack. But I too have been thinking about how great it 
would be to play live for film projection or - even better - a theatre 
play :-)

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