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RE: RE: Loops curative/restful powers

The heck with this...let's just do the dance ourselves!  Wouln't that be
a sight....ideas for content at the next looper conference, Rick?  I can
see it already: Rick, Ted, Bernhard, and others on the stage in their
dancing tights and EDPs.


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Kris -

Doing what I call "kaleidoscope" music / dance where elements are added
and repeated can be appealing, but harder to keep interesting.  But your
idea is worth trying.  The best way to get in contact with dancers is to
go to a dance studio and ask questions about performers and
choreographers.  Pretty soon you'll have a few contacts to pursue.

When I've worked with choreographers I've found the process to be at
once quite frustrating and full of unexpected happy surprizes.  

The frustrations I experienced had to do with trying to fulfill someone
elses vision of what the function of the music was to be. That is,
creating music that had specifically timed functional elements and
changed to suit the needs of the dancers rather than to suit the needs
of the music.  

Ultimately, the challenge I couldn't overcome in this situation was as a
solo non-midi oriented looper trying to emulate a musical ensemble.  I
didn't have the musical skill or technical capabilities to do this.
Laptop players would have been far more adept in suiting this situation.
I got through it, but it was 100% work, and I wouldn't say I was very

However, I've had far more success when fewer dancers are on stage and
when they are skilled enough and interested in improvising.  In this
enviroment, dancer and musician are able to interact and influence in
real-time what the other is doing.  The real-time interaction is very
powerful.  I miss these kinds of performances.  The feeling of having
done something "real" and being "alive in the moment" was far stronger
for me than has happened in "music-only" improvisational performances.
Perhaps that has to do with the fact that dance is a visual performance



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> I think an interesting, and experimental loop music/dance production 
> would be play a loop, have a modern dancer come out and dance in sync 
> to the part and continue to loop that dance part...then you layer 
> another loop part, and another dancer comes out to dance in sync to 
> that as well...and so on until a soundscape of loops is created with 
> several dancers doing their "dance loops"...a union of musical and 
> modern dance looped choreography.
> Kris
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> On Nov 23, 2004, at 4:48, Krispen Hartung wrote:
> >
> > Speaking of which, has anyone had the priveledge to perform loop 
> > music
> > for a film or theater production? I would really like to do this.
> No. I've only done it for film and theatre as a way to produce a
> recorded soundtrack. But I too have been thinking about how great it 
> would be to play live for film projection or - even better - a theatre

> play :-)
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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