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Unorthodox loopgig venues

Clint wrote:
"The strangest gig I have EVER been part of was playing at a local
Dungeons & Dragons "gameoff"."
The wierdest live looping gig I've ever had was in a duo with my brother, Bill.    We were hired to play for the top 100 insurance salespeople in the United States (all people in the millions to hundreds of millions of dollar range in sales) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
We got in early and they had been sealing the floor with some kind of horrid polyurethane substance and
it was completely toxic smelling.
First they had us set up by the door.  We got completely set up when a person came in and said,  "Oh no, you are in the wrong place, you have to move immediately."     Arrrrgggggghhhhh!  I hate this kind of shit.
Anyway we moved over and just as we were set,  the main 'man' came in and said,  "no back by the door is where you are supposed to be".    Damn good thing they were paying us corporate party rates because this had me seething (and really stressed out).
Soooooooooooooo,  the gig was these insurance salespeople came in the door after disembarking from a bus;  walked past us  (25 feet) and walked up the stairs to have dinner (where there was another band set up to play).      The whole gig lasted for approximately 8 minutes!!!!!.   We were, literally,
the sonic wallpaper for 25 feet of their existence.
'Thank you.  you can go now'.
another wierd one we do every year is
Bill and I have twice played for a benefit at Bloomingdale's in the
ritzy part of Palo Alto.      It is done on a day where wealthy matrons shop there brains out
and part of the proceeds go to charity.
Bill and I set up in one of the clothing sections and loop our brains out for about 2 or 3 hours.
The pay is extremely good.
The last time we did this, they put us next to the escalator so we would be the first thing that people saw as they came up to the floor we were on.   
It's cool, actually.  Most people just walk on by and I can tell we are this bizarre random occurence to them, but usually some woman with her young child will just be fascinated by it and stay and listen and take our business cards.     LOL,  they never hire us to play their expensive dinner engagements,  but that's okay.      The eye candy at these gigs can be exceptional,   especially some of the sales clerks that they hire..............oh my goodness!