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Re: can several Electrix Repeaters be synced???


> this is one of my last big questions concerning my decission of the 
> perfect looper for me :-) thanx to everyone who helped me decide...

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no perfect looper for you.

Once you have one, your styles and needs will grow, and you will 
discover what you do or don't like about looping. You will also discover 
your own set of favourite quirks in your tools and wish they were 
expanded on. You will see other peoples performances and walk away both 
awe struck and inspired. You will talk to other loopers, and converse on 
this list and suddenly find a huge hole in your bank account (I love 
doing that to people, myself :>). You will also go through 'revival' 
periods, where you wish you didn't have so much gear, and try 
simplifying everything.

Oh yes, you can synch repeaters fine. You just need a midi cable.