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RE: Dream Looping Venues?

The 'gherkin' looks incredible,  Steve.    I wish I could have heard you 
Theo improvising
there.   Say hi to him for me, please.

Here's an URL to take a look at the venue: 

As long as we're dreaming,    I'd love to play:

1)   the Taj Mahal  (which has a 19 second reverberation) in India.   If 
haven't heard the placid and beautiful "Inside"  by Paul Horn on flute,  
owe it to yourself to hear this wonderful space.
So reverberant that anything highly syncopated would be mush.

2)  the Oracle at Delphi:  one of the most beautiful greek ampitheatres in 
beautiful mountain setting.

3)  Also,  when I was a boy my family lived in Tripoli, Libya where there 
an incredibly well preserved Roman ampitheatre at Leptis Magna right by 
where the Sahara desert comes to the Mediterranean Sea.    It is so dry 
there that it is much better preserved than the Roman architecture on most 
of the European side of the Mediterranean.
It is also exquisitely beautiful because of the white marble of the 
ampitheatre and surrounded by the white sand of the desert against the 
impossible blue of the Mediterranean.

It's been so long since I was there, but I remember it's beauty vividly. 
Now that Libya is normalizing relationships with the US,  my dream is to 
a grant to go record the music of the mendicant tribes of the Sahara in 
Libya.    This music has never been documented (to my knowledge) and the 
rumor is that
Khadafy has really suppressed the Tuaregs and other mendicant tribespeople 
of the desert.

The First Libyan Live Looping Festival......................I like 
it..................time to get my portable looping rig in order.